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Marathon Skater injured spectator

The police are looking for eye-witnesses of an accident that occurred during

the skater marathon on Saturday, September 27. At around 5 p.m., a 63-year-old

man from Berlin-Lichterfelde was watching the race on the side of the course in

Lentzdallee in Zehlendorf, ca. 200 metres before the round-about “Wilder

Eber“. A skater suddenly pulled out of a group, leaving the street, and

ran into him. The 63 year old suffered a triple fracture of his knee bone.

The marathon participant continued the race without stopping to see if his

victim was ok.

The traffic accident department of the police from station 2 in

Moritzstraße 10 in Spandau is asking for your help with information about

the “accident skater“ under the telephone number (+4930) 4664