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Skaters: Only 500 entries remaining

The enormous demand for entries for the 28th running of the real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON on 30 September 2001, has dramatically shrunk the number of

places remaining for skaters.

So, speed skaters should waste no time: only about 500 entries are still

available. On-line registration will be closed soon.

The 2000 edition of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON saw 6,741 inline skaters

which made it the worldwide biggest skating marathon. This year, the organisers

SCC have limited the number of skaters entries to 6,000 in order to ensure a

safe and uncomplicated event.

Again, the skaters will start from a different location than the runners, on

"An der Urania" street. They are to join the traditional marathon

course shortly afterwards at the Siegessäule, from where the course will

be basically the same as last year. Certain changes in the route of the real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON have streamlined the course even more, as there are now six

corners less to slow the skaters down.

It is now more probable than ever that the course record of 1:01:08 set by

Tristan Loy (FRA) last year, can break the elusive 60 minute barrier.