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We mourn the loss of Christoph Kopp

Christoph Kopp was an outstanding contributor to the BERLIN-MARATHON from its beginnings until the end. The Sport-Club Charlottenburg as owner and organizer of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON owes the national and international development of this important sporting event significantly to him. Christoph Kopp passed away after a short serious illness on Friday (28.04.2023). He was 75 years old.

Christoph Kopp was one of the most experienced athletics officials in Germany. In his role as race director of the BERLIN-MARATHON, he shaped the image of this event from its inception in 1974 until the end of the 1990s, accompanying it from its first steps in the Grunewald forest all the way up to the international world stage. We still benefit from this today. He then increasingly devoted his expertise to the support and mediation of top German and international athletes and soon became one of the elite managers in international running.

Christoph Kopp as a person was always a role model for us: always helpful, good-humored and selfless to the end. Hardly anyone lived athletics like he did. Whoever wanted to, could learn a lot from him in his personal development - always committed - constant and motivated for the cause. Until the end Christoph Kopp was always an advisor, was available at any time, had a feeling for the essential when it came to the development of athletes. When he was convinced, he transferred his energy. Even in the difficult phase of the pandemic he was creative and looked for formats so that German athletes could show their form. We as SCC EVENTS have supported Christoph Kopp and his team around Philipp and Sandra for many years; it was a fruitful cooperation. We will miss his expertise. 

Born in Berlin, he grew up in Schwenningen and discovered athletics there. Already in 1974 he was in function at the SCC Berlin. In the eighties and nineties, he was head of the athletics department and one of the managing directors of the BERLIN-MARATHON. Until 2004, he also served as president of the Berlin Athletics Association for several years.

Christoph Kopp was a pioneer of the marathon. We would not be standing here internationally today if he had not played a major role in this success story. Until the end, we were in weekly contact with him - analyzing German athletics and moving it forward. The r5k (run five km) race, scheduled for the first time in 2023 to promote U20 and U23 athletes in Germany, was the result of his tireless commitment to athletics.

Christoph Kopp was more than just a partner for SCC EVENTS, he was a friend and important companion until the end. The successful Marathon Team Berlin is in its creation also a part of his reliable contribution. We are grateful for the many years we were allowed to accompany him. Above all, his warm-heartedness shaped his life for the sport of running. Unfortunately, he will not be able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Marathon next year. 

The memory of him is forever in our hearts.

On behalf of the team of the entire SCC 
Christian Jost and Jürgen Lock