Follow the GREEN LINE

Whether running, skating or cycling - we spend a lot of time in nature when practicing our sport. Protecting nature as the basis of our lives is a top priority for us. Therefore, together with the WWF as our official charity partner, we have been working for years to make our running events more sustainable and to collect donations for conservation projects. While the environment is highly important to us, we always strive to find the ideal balance between all three dimensions of sustainability: "economic development", "social justice" and "environmental protection".


To do so, we need your help!

“Follow the GREEN LINE” and visit us at our GREEN LINE EXPO stand during the HALF MARATHON EXPO where we will be making sustainability topics tangible for all visitors through lots of  information and activities. The GREEN LINE EXPO stand is located directly next to the SCC info stand. You can find the programme and other exciting information on the topic of sustainability during the event  week here and on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

What we already do

We move Berlin.

At the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON, we inspire more than 35,000 participants to lead an active lifestyle. At the same time, we create considerable economic value in the capital.

We help where the shoe pinches

Together with the Berliner Stadtmission, we collect well-preserved running clothes and shoes to pass on to people in need.

Green mobility

We have set up a free local transit BVG ticket as well as an event ticket for discounted travel by train. 

Thermal blankets

For years, used thermal blankets have been pressed into bales and returned to the manufacturer where they are used again as a raw material for production

Refreshment points

We offer refill stations for your own hydration systems at all refreshment points. In addition, we use more and more reusable cups made primarily from renewable raw materials. This serves our goal of continuously reducing the number of cups that end up as waste.

Waste separation

Besides avoiding waste, waste separation is one of our most important goals in terms of environmental protection. That is why we have implemented a waste separation concept both in the start-finish area and at the EXPO.

Sustainability is teamwork! Here's what you can do:

 Donate clothes and shoes

You can wear clean running and training clothes that are in good condition as a warming layer on race day and then discard them in the start area. Together with the Berliner Stadtmission, we will ensure that this clothing gets to where it is urgently needed. As always: only donate clothing in condition that you would also give to a friend! 
You can also donate used running shoes again this year at the GREEN LINE stand at the EXPO. Together with the Berliner Stadtmission, we will be collecting clean and intact running shoes to pass on to unhoused people in our community via their clothing store.

 Run for a good cause

Donations to charity partners like the WWF are generated by registering for the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON via these charities. If you would like to run for one of these charity organisations and do good, you can register directly here.

 Travel by train

Make your own personal contribution to a more sustainable event by choosing your means of travel or by carpooling to the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON. Travelling by train is - if possible! - the most environmentally friendly option. Good to know: we have set up an event ticket for discounted travel by train. 

 Use public transport

On the day of the event, it is best to use public transport, which is free with your bib number in the fare zones A and B between 5am and 7pm. 

 Compensate for your flight missions

Many participants are dependent on aeroplanes to travel to and from the event. We are therefore all the more pleased to offer a direct way of calculating and offsetting flight emissions. By offsetting, you help to reduce the ecological footprint of the event.

 Use your own hydration system

It is best to use your own hydration system to avoid cups completely or at least for the most part. Otherwise, toss your cups into the large, marked bins after using. This is the only way we can ensure that we can use the reusable cups for the next events (after the rinsing process) and return the sorted disposable cups to the manufacturer for recycling.

 Return your thermal blanket

Please only take a thermal blanket if you really need it. Please always return the used blanket to one of the numerous recycling volunteers (labelled with a flag). This is the only way they can be recirculated.


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Working together for more sustainability and solidarity:

Recycling meets charity at the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON.