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Inline Skating

On the super-fast half marathon course on Berlin's hot pavement, the landmarks will whiz past you. Enjoy the sights and the sound of your wheels and the applause of the spectators.

Registration for the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON Inline Skating is possible from August 26th, 2021 to March, 10th, 2022.

The participation fee is scaled:

1 - 1,000 participants EUR 48,00
1,001 - 2,500 participants EUR 54,00

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 Here you find all information for your registration as runner, wheelchair competitor and handbiker

  • The GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON Inline Skating is organised according to the regulations for competition of the German Roller Sports and Inline Federation (DRIV).

    • Participants YOB 2007 and older are allowed to attend the race.
    • On the course, only inline skates (wheel size max. 125 mm) and quad skates are permitted.
    • Helmets are obligatory for all skaters. Further protective equipment is recommended.


  • Your GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON package (only available for participants)

    • 20 min massage at the HALF MARATHON EXPO (only available within this package)
    • 1 adidas Event-Shirt (This product is provided by adidas. In case of an order, adidas is the contractual partner.)
    • 1 medal engraving

    ⇒  EUR 51

    Please note that the massage is only available on the days of the HALF MARATHON EXPO and only bookable with this package. On the day of the event there will be massages (free of charge) for all participants in the finish area.

    Medal engraving 

    Pre-order the medal-engraving and have your personal finisher time engraved in your medal in the fnish area – hassle-free with no need for cash.

    ⇒  EUR 11

    Your carbo-boost – the Pastalounge

    In 2018 we initiated the Pastalounge for you to brace yourself for the upcoming 21.0975 km race and to get to know fellow skaters in a pleasant atmosphere.

    The Pastalounge takes place at the HALF MARATHON EXPO in the so-called Showroom at hangar 5.

    ⇒  EUR 17

    If you have pre-ordered the Pastalounge or a massage with the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON package, you will receive an email approximately 10 days prior to the event with further information on how to reserve your preferred time slot around.

  • Your adidas Event-Shirt


    This T-Shirt is exclusively designed for the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON 2022. The lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and provides comfort during your run. The shirt is a great memory for the event and made with recycled polyester to save resources and decrease emissions. 

    Design: Surprise

    ⇒ EUR 30

    This product is provided by adidas. In case of an order, adidas is the contractual partner.


    Not enough for you? Find the complete collection at the HALF MARATHON EXPO!

    • Time measurement is done exclusively with the ChampionChip!
    • The ChampionChip is a small plastic transponder that has to be fastened on your skate (no metal contact!) and will measure your personal race time.
    • Please find the different possibilities beneath

    Owner of a chip

    Please provide your chip number during the registration process (seven-figure combination of digits and letters) .

    Chip rental

    You decide for a rental chip:

    1. The one-time rental fee is EUR 6,00
    2. Return the chip within two hours after the event. There are four different locations within the finish area where you can return your chip until 3 p.m. 

  • Decide if and by whom you would like to be tracked along the course.

    You have three options:

    • “Public”– Anyone can follow you via the results page – simple and uncomplicated!
    • “Code” – You decide who can track you during the race. You will receive a code that you can share with your supporters so they can see where you are at all times.
    • “Private” – You do not want to be tracked.

    You make the choice when you register.

  • The cancellation insurance will be processed via the product “GENERALI cancellation insurance” by Europ Assistance SA, Niederlassung für Deutschland. It is an insurance covering your participation fee in case of cancellation as a consequence of specific events. Any booked extras are not included.

    What is insured?

        Please find all information with regard to the insurance coverage here.

    Insured events are e.g.:

        Unexpected and serious illness.
        Death, serious injuries following an accident, complications of pregnancy or falling pregnant after taking out the insurance policy
        Loss of employment and subsequent unemployment due to unexpected redundancy.
        Substantial damage to your property as a result of fire, water pipe rupture, natural hazards or unlawful entry of your property by third parties (E.g. burglary) if over 50000 Euros.
        Sum insured: corresponds to the insured registration fee.

    What is not insured?

        If you do not attend the planned event because it does not take place or is postponed.

    Are there any restrictions on cover?
    Some events are not covered by the insurance. The following, amongst others, are not insured:

        If the insured person fraudulently attempts to deceive about circumstances that are relevant to the cause or the amount of the loss or if the insured person intentionally caused the loss
        Acts of war, civil unrests and acts of terrorism.
        If the loss was foreseeable at the time the participation to the race was booked or the policy was taken out.

    What are my obligations?

        You must report each and every insured loss without delay. (telephone number in the event of damage: + 49 89 55 987 8387)
        You must submit the requested documentation inclusive the confirmation of the cancellation.

    When and how do I pay?
    The one-time premium is due immediately after concluding the insurance policy (binding registration for the event while booking the insurance). It must be paid using the payment method agreed upon.

    When does the cover start and end?
    The insurance cover begins with binding registration for the event, but not before the conclusion of the insurance policy. This is conditional upon your payment of the premium. Otherwise, insurance cover shall start to take effect upon payment. It ends with end of the event in question. Any risks during the event are not covered.

  • Your start card

    • is your personal ticket to the HALF MARATHON EXPO and thereby to your race kit
    • will be sent by email 7-10 days prior to the event (please check your spam/junk folder)

    Your race kit

    You get your race kit:

                                  Friday, April 1, 2022 (Opening hours to be announced)

                                 Saturday, April 2, 2022 (Opening hours to be announced)

    • former airport Tempelhof, Platz der Luftbrücke 5, 12101 Berlin.
    • ONLY with your start card AND a picture ID (passport, driver's license)
    • ONLY personally (no power of attorney accepted in any case)!

    Your race kit consists of:

    • a bib number and safety pins
    • an athlete's wristband – we put it on your wrist at the HALF MARATHON EXPO. It is your ticket to the start area - do NOT remove it before leaving the finish area.
    • a rental chip, if ordered (if you have your own chip, please bring that to the pick-up)
    • a clothing bag
    • a goodie-bag with presents from our sponsors
    • a voucher on your bib number for your pre-ordered services or merchandise from the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON collection

    • With your race kit you will get a transparent clothing bag and a sticker with your bib number for the bag.
    • Clothing and valuables have to be packed into the clothing bag in order to enter the starting area.
    • All objects need to be packed separately and loosely. You may not put other bags in your clothing bag.
    • Any kind of luggage is prohibited within the start/finish area!
    • You drop off your clothing bag at the indicated truck and retrieve it there after you finish.

  • We classify our participants in the following categories:

    • Masters (1987 and older)
    • Seniors (1988-2003)
    • Juniors (2004-2005)
    • Youth (2006-2007)

    There are separate rankings for women and men.

    An age group ranking according to the DRIV rulebook will be compiled in the category “fitness” only and according to the gross times. The winners of each category receives a free start for the following year.

  • Before you start with the registration, we would like to ask you to take 2-3 minutes of time to protect your health by completing our non-binding and free health check.

    Regular physical activity has a positive effect on your health. However, sport is no guarantee for a risk-free state of health. Familial risk factors, but also lifestyle-related risks are not always in direct correlation with your training condition and should be known in advance. Therefore, please be honest with yourself when answering the questions.

    With the PAPS test, we want to help you become aware of your own state of health—there are no consequences for your eligibility to participate. The recommendation at the end of the test is made available to you for your personal and voluntary further use. The PAPS test does not replace a visit to the doctor and cannot provide 100% certainty of an existing or emerging risk.  The collected, non-personalized data will not be handed over to the organiser. The data may be used in anonymised and encrypted form for scientific purposes by the Medical Board of SCC EVENTS. 

  • During an event, we and various institutions such as the police, fire brigade or medical aid organisations often receive search requests for the whereabouts of missing participants. In order to be able to answer these as quickly as possible and in compliance with data protection laws, we ask you to list one or two contact persons here, to whom we may provide information should they request info as to whether you are undergoing medical treatment in a hospital.

    We require the surname, first name, date of birth and telephone number of the contact persons. 

    Please understand that in case of inquiries – whether by telephone or at the information points in the finish area – we are only allowed to give information to the persons you have personally authorized with your registration.

    The indication of an emergency contact is voluntary.

  • The medical team from the organzier as well as from additional paramedics are responsible for the medical care during the event. The assigned staff is authorized and obligated to remove participants from the race who are hurt or overexerting.

    Every person who decides to run in a half marathon should undertake a medical check at least ones a year.

  • Refund of the registration fee

    We apologise for any inconvenience but we are not able to refund any participation fees due to the high logistical and organisational effort.*

    Race number transmission

    is not possible since it is person and event-related.

    Do I need a medical report?

    In principle not!
    But: when you do a free medical check-up at the HALF MARATHON EXPO and the doctor advises against the participation in the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON, we will give you a voucher over a share of the participation fee. To attain the voucher give back your bib number and provide your anonymized data for sports medical purposes. The voucher is for your personal use only and only valid for the event in the following year with submission of the medical report.*

    * for detailed description see our general terms and condition