Kids Skating

Kids Skating


Looking for some high speed, fun and action?

Then Kids Skating is just what you need! Kids and youth are a central part of every SCC EVENTS skating happening. Inline skating simply is fun, especially when you can skate with others your age. Anyone can participate – from beginners to experienced skaters, you are all welcome! The only requirement is that you like to have fun on wheels – and you should know how to brake. Races range from 500 meters to 2.000 meters depending on age group. If you want to try skating without any race pressure, you can participate in the category “Beginners.”

Scooter races for everyone!

You can also race with your kickboards and scooters, regardless of whether they have two or three wheels. A doublestart is possible too: first on skates, then on your scooter!

Points for your booklet

From now on, you will also be rewarded for your efforts on wheels. Just have each race stamped in your booklet and send it to us at the end of the season. Great prizes are waiting for you!

Age groups and distances

The following distances are open to boys and girls:

Inline Skating
  • Beginners – everybody up to 13 years (year of birth 2010 and younger) – ca. 500 meters
  • School Kids – 8-10 years (year of birth 2013-15) – ca. 1,000 meters
  • Juniors – 11-13 years (year of birth 2010-12) – ca. 2,000 meters
  • everybody up to 13 years (year of birth 2010 and younger) – ca. 500 meters

“Beginners” can join in the fun without any race pressure. Everyone is a winner and will compete with the number 1 bib and receive a medal and certificate at the finish. Kids up to age 13 can participate as “beginners.”

Registration & bib number pick-up

Registration and bib number pick-up is possible on the day of the event on site up to 30 minutes before the start.
The participation fee is 5,- Euros per child, payable on site.

Registration forms are available on race day or online and should be handed in on site before the event. Please do not send via e-mail or fax!

Bib numbers should be attached vertically on the right thigh.

  • registration form for single skaters:  Download (72 kb)
  • registration form for groups:  Download (71 kb)

Safety and wheel sizes

A helmet is obligatory for all kids, for the inline skating races wristguards are mandatory as well. It is also recommended to wear protection for elbows and knees.

Maximum allowed wheel size for inline skates:
  • Beginners (everybody up to 13 years): max. 80 mm
  • School Kids (8-10 years): max. 84 mm
  • Juniors (11-13 years): max. 90 mm

Date and venue


April 1, 2023


HALF MARATHON EXPO, rolling field

Starting time

1:00 p.m.


is possible only on site until 30 min before the start

*subject to change

Certificates and medals

With us, all children are winners. And that's why all the girls and boys get a medal and a certificate at the finish line.

How about... ?

    • Date: Saturday, September 23, 2023
    • Venue: marathon home stretch, between Brandenburg Gate and the marathon finish line
    • Course:
      • Inline Skating Beginners: ca. 500 meters
      • Inline Skating School Kids: ca.1.000 meters
      • Inline Skating Juniors: ca. 2.000 meters
      • Scooter: ca. 500 meters
    • Starting time: 11:30 a.m.
    • Registration: only on site until 30 minutes before the start
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