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Unfortunately, the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON on April 5,
2020 as well as the EXPO (April 3-4, 2020) won’t take place.
This is our reaction to the general order regarding the cancelation of major events from March
12, 2020 with the aim to narrow down the spreading of the Corona virus.

Further information

    • Showers with warm water will be available for you in a designated area. 

  • Medal

    You mastered the 21,0975 km? You deserve a medal!

    Medal engraving

    You would like to immortalize your finish time on your medal? There is a booth in the finish area where you can engrave your medal.

    This great service:

    •  is bookable with the registration. The purchase is noted on your bib number and you can make use of the service after the race.
    •  only costs 11 Euros after the race (only cash)

  • There are two options to get your well-deserved certificate:

    • The internet: You can get your preliminary certificate via download (within the results list) after the race on the GENERALIN BERLIN HALFMARATHON website.

    Your time is incorrect or missing:

    => Has your chip been attached properly to your skate / ancle?

    => In case you did and there still is some mistake, we ask you kindly to fill out the following form.

    Please consider that it might take a bit since we have to thoroughly check your case. After receiving your email, we will be getting back to you as soon as possible.

  • Winners of each age group will be awarded with a free start for the upcoming year!

    The winners will get further information regarding the registration in January of the following year. DO NOT register !

    An age group ranking according to the DRIV rulebook will be compiled in the category “fitness” (block B, C etc.) only and according to the gross times. The winners of each category receives a free start for the following year.

Chip Return

There are two option for the rental chip after the race

  • You do not return it: mika timing will charge you automatically with 25 Euros (difference between the payed rental and the regular price). You are then the owner of the chip and can use it at multiple other events.
  • You return it: There are four different locations, so as mobile collectors, within the finish area where you can return your chip. Not returning the chip will trigger the purchase option.
Map: Overview finish area  




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